1. Rio Not So Bravo

    VIDEO: Laredo, Texas — The notorious Rio Grande separates the United States from Mexico. South of the border, it is known as the Rio Bravo, the fierce river.

    Article VII of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848) grants citizens of both nations the right to navigate the river.

  2. The View From Here: Victoria, Texas

    Duck Pond, Victoria, Texas

  3. New And Established Writers Redefine Chicano Lit

    Authors Sandra Cisneros and David Rice talk to NPR about Chicano Lit and how Mexican Americans are still invisible.

    Sandra Cisneros calls Mexican American writers the “illegal aliens” of

    From NPR: “Many Mexican-American writers use their work to share stories of history, identity and discrimination. Sanda Cisneros, author of The House On Mango Street, and young adult literature author David Rice explain what their stories can tell readers about Chicano life in America.”

    Click here to listen to the piece.

  4. Study Explores The Profound Effects of Socio-Economic Status

    When discussing issues of education inequalities, you can’t disregard household income. Because, as this Wall Street Journal article points out, how much your parents make affects how you will do in school.

    “When it came to the mental ability of 10-month-olds, the home environment was the key variable, across every socioeconomic class. But results for the 2-year-olds were dramatically different. In children from poorer households, the choices of parents still mattered. In fact, the researchers estimated that the home environment accounted for approximately 80% of the individual variance in mental ability among poor 2-year-olds. The effect of genetics was negligible.”

    “These results capture the stunning developmental inequalities that set in almost immediately, so that even the mental ability of 2-year-olds can be profoundly affected by the socio-economic status of their parents.”

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  5. VIDEO: Guatemala-Mexico Border

    El Ceibo – Tenosique Border from Erik Reyna on Vimeo.

    Macarena Hernández tours the Guatemala – Mexico border with Guatemalan Immigration officer Eric Walter Ligorria.

  6. Mexico and Migration

    There is no doubt that Mexico has to do more when it comes to migrants in their own land. Migrantes are not only victims of coyotes, gang members and thieves, they also have to worry about corrupt immigration officials.

    Now, there is news that the Mexican government is planning to “shake up” its immigration agency.

    Eduardo Castillo of the Associated Press reports:


  7. The View From Here: Hamburg, Germany

  8. Latinos Now the Majority in California Schools

    In Texas, more than half of students in the public school system are Latino.

    For the first time in California, Latinos now make up the majority of the student population. But is California doing enough?

    Rupa Dev, of New American Media explores the challenges California faces and what this state can do to keep Latino kids from dropping out.

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  9. The New Face of Small-Town America: Snapshots of Latino Life in Allentown, Pennsylvania

    My good friend and fellow periodista (and South Texan) has published a book, a collection of some of his journalism work about Latinos changing the face of small towns across the United States.

    This excerpt is from a Q&A with the Freedom Forum’s Diversity Institute:

    Q: The biggest surprises?

    A: How much access people gave me to their lives. They allowed me in, even during awkward situations. I included an essay about a Catholic brother who visited prisoners as part of his ministry. He did not always feel safe, and he did not speak much English. The interactions between the Catholic brother and the prisoners weren’t always smooth. I stayed back and observed and recorded it all.

    Q: What do you think of how Latinos are portrayed in the media?

    A: “When I first arrived (in Allentown), Latinos were wary of me. The mainstream media only covered Latinos in negative stories, they told me. They were present in crimes and riots that followed Puerto Rican Day parades. I made it my mission to try to show the majority, the hardworking men and women coming here, looking for a small-town America way of life.”

    To read his interview, click here.

    To buy his book, click here.

  10. The View From Here: Tel Aviv, Israel