Study Explores The Profound Effects of Socio-Economic Status

When discussing issues of education inequalities, you can’t disregard household income. Because, as this Wall Street Journal article points out, how much your parents make affects how you will do in school.

“When it came to the mental ability of 10-month-olds, the home environment was the key variable, across every socioeconomic class. But results for the 2-year-olds were dramatically different. In children from poorer households, the choices of parents still mattered. In fact, the researchers estimated that the home environment accounted for approximately 80% of the individual variance in mental ability among poor 2-year-olds. The effect of genetics was negligible.”

“These results capture the stunning developmental inequalities that set in almost immediately, so that even the mental ability of 2-year-olds can be profoundly affected by the socio-economic status of their parents.”

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