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A Conversation With Ben Alire Saenz — 2013 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction

One Family, Two Homelands (Print Project):

Migration is a personal story for me. I was fortunate enough to document my own family’s migration from the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

Our two homelands are separated by the Rio Grande, known to Mexicans as the Rio Bravo, where many have lost their lives and many more have found new ones. I became a journalist to tell cuentos, hoping that one day I would write my family story, why we left, how we came.

This is our story.

My uelita Cecilia’s death is the beginning of the end. This story follows the tattered life of the oldest remaining member of our Reyna clan, my uelito Jose Maria. He still feels fuerte, strong, even though he has lived the miseries of a Pedro Infante character, enduring the death of his firstborn, the lifelong illnesses that haunted his wife and the looming demise of his rancho, La Ceja. Because places, like people, die, too.

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