Photo Gallery: Mexico’s other border

I spent five weeks interviewing residents and migrants along the Mexico-Guatemala border thanks to the generous support of the International Reporting Project. From the IRP site: The program was created in 1998, making it a pioneer in the “non-profit journalism” movement that seeks to fill the gap left by much of the mainstream media’s reduction […]

Mexico: Either Candidate Will Do

Better relations a given for many Mexicans, no matter who wins I’m standing in the middle of the Zocalo, the heart of Mexico City’s historical district, listening to Marco Antonio Solis of the native band Los Bukis. About half a million people are in the square to support Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the former mayor […]

Immigrant Students: A Year in the Lives of New Immigrants

Macarena Hernandez and Gary Jacobson of The Dallas Morning News followed new immigrants and their teachers at DISD’s Adamson High in 2007-2008, and met with many families, to learn about their challenges at school and home. To read the 5-part multimedia series, click here.

Los Nuevos Estudiantes: Un año en la vida de los nuevos inmigrantes

Reporteros Macarena Hernandez y Gary Jacobson pasaron el año escolar del 2007 con nuevos estudiantes inmigrantes y se reunieron con sus familias y maestros para aprender sobre los retos que enfrentan en el salón de clases y en su hogar.

One Family, Two Homelands: Chapter 1, Last Ride Home

By Macarena Hernandez, The San Antonio Express-News We knew death roamed near. We expected it to take my grandfather first. He’s the one with cancer. But then my grandmother began to murmur the names of her dead. Months later, my uelito Jose Maria, wearing his tanned felt cowboy hat and his khaki pants, sits in […]

One Family, Two Homelands: Chapter 2, Pretty Pistols

By Macarena Hernandez, The San Antonio Express-News They used to call my grandfather el rey sin corona – the king without a crown. At 89, Jose Maria Reyna still walks with his shoulders erect, his chest open with pride, his head cocked back and cowboy hat tilted to the right. He wears his felt Stetson […]

One Family, Two Homelands: Chapter 3, Big City Girl

By Macarena Hernandez, The San Antonio Express-News My mother has her mother’s small and delicate nose. And she has her father’s sagging eyelids and his strong and stubborn ways. She is the one who tells Uelito Jose Maria susverdades, the truths our family has always preferred to ignore. Still, after my grandmother dies, he comes […]

One Family, Two Homelands: Chapter 4, Only the Dead Return

By Macarena Hernandez, The San Antonio Express-News My mother often threatened to disappear – either back to the rancho or on the day of the Rapture. She reminded us of her plans especially on those long, tired days when nobody seemed to appreciate that she washed and cooked for a family of 10. “The day […]

One Family, Two Homelands: Chapter 5, Everything Changes

By Macarena Hernandez, The San Antonio Express-News I go to La Ceja to remember what I don’t want to forget. My grandfather goes to La Ceja to forget what he doesn’t want to remember. In La Ceja he is still el rey, the king, though almost everyone else has left for the United States. Alli […]

VIDEO: The Ballad of Juan Quezada

Over an abandoned railroad line, FRONTLINE/World correspondent Macarena Hernández travels on a gasoline-fueled trolley into the Mexican state of Chihuahua and the rugged region where Pancho Villa and his men once roamed. She notes that the villages are now deserted because the timber industry died. But one town, Mata Ortiz, has survived in this desert […]

He Stole a Lot More Than My Words

By Macarena Hernandez, The Los Angeles Times SAN ANTONIO — One of the last stories Jayson Blair wrote before being unmasked as a liar and plagiarist contained these words: “Juanita Anguiano points proudly to the pinstriped couches, the tennis bracelet in its red case and the Martha Stewart furniture out on the patio. She proudly […]